Why Bengali Girls Are The Coolest Wives?


If you are a guy who is lucky enough to have a Bengali girl as your jeevansathi, then you know that she is the best thing that has ever happened to you. Bengali girls are passionate, well cultured, foodie, talkative and entertaining, who are modern in outlook but traditional at heart.

11 Things that make Bengali girls the coolest wives

Food Lovers


Bengali girls love to eat, and according to them, each occasion legitimizes having some great food. She never has faith in dieting because she cherishes food. If you are also a foodie then you will get a partner to make such occasions more delicious.

Bong Girls Are Good At Cooking


Apart from eating, they are good at cooking. Shaadi to a Bong girl gives you the privilege to eat delicious food as well. You will get to taste all those amazing dishes that you might never taste before and you will have the best time of your life with her amazing cooking skills.  

Beauty And Style


Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder is a common phrase but Bengali girls can be referred to as the kind of beauty that beholds every eye. Everyone wants a pretty girl as their life partner and Bengali girls have that elegant personality, most beautiful eyes, and you can find yourself lost in them.  

Bong girls are best in traditional wear, be it a saree or a simple Kurti. In a saree, no one can look as assertive and stunning as them.

Bong Girls Are Sensible

They are intellectual and sensible girls who are fond of reading books, magazines, and journals. They are keen to know and learn which makes them even more winning. As being your wife, you can talk about the ups and downs of life and share your problems with her. As your jeevansathi, she is always there to give you a better opinion and advice.

Entertaining and Adventurous


Bong girls are hodophiles, explorers, and exploratory by nature. She can take you to the best places and will prove to be the best company. A Bengali girl is usually chatty and you can enjoy her company as she always ready to have fun. Bengali girls are usually very garrulous. There is no doubt that you will enjoy her company. A romantic trip or a long weekend with your Bong wife can strengthen important bonds.



In today’s age, it’s significant to realize how to stand on your own as a woman. Bengali sweethearts are fearless about everything and they love to be independent. They believe in themselves and very supportive of their husband's ideas and dreams.


One of the best goodness about Bong girl is that she respects your space, liberty and expects the same from you. She will not text or call you every second minute and understand that you have other roles in life as well. So after marriage, you can have time for yourself and your friends.

She Is Easy To Maintain


It’s not difficult to make your Bengali wife happy and make her smile. You can even gift her book or flowers to win her heart. It explains that the true meaning of gift-giving isn’t an extravagance, it’s sentimentality. You make her incredibly happy without having burnt a major hole in your pocket and she will appreciate the effort you put in to make her happy.

Good Bargainers

Bong girls are well trained and know how to bargain in the market. They know to deal with street vendors and always struggle to save your hard-earned money. Their negotiation skills will astonish you. 

Best Durga Puja


You are going to find Durga Puja quite different when you marry a Bengali girl. You will experience an alternate degree of delight and tradition at a similar event.

Well Cultured

Bengali girls hold family values in high regard. Therefore, if you can win her heart, she is going to be an awesome company to your parents. So no need to worry, she will do anything to keep your family happy.

After reading all the above-mentioned virtues, you will want to find a Bong girl for you. 

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